Still working out code signing etc on macOS. In the mean time you'll likely get the error "FPVTrackside is damaged and can't be opened". To fix please run..


Version 2.0.41

Windows - Installer
# Lots of bug fixes. I finally did some race directing again after a long hiatus and found a million small issues.
# Multiple types of Lap records are now an option in Rounds. Including the full Race Time.

Version 2.0.40

Windows - Installer, Installer
Mac - Installer
# Lots of improvements to the HTTP Server. Generally has lots more stats that should be viewable from a local Raspberry PI connected to a TV. Pilots can check their own results etc.
# When allocating channels to receivers on the timing system it'll try to re-use the same receiver for the same channel. This should help tuning channels etc.

Version 2.0.39

Windows - Installer
# Fixed the bug where secondary windows would stop the primary window drawing
# Fixed some issues where new PB's would redraw screens that were not visible.
# Added Position to all result style screens. Position is based on whatever the current sort is :)

Version 2.0.38

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
Mac - Installer
# Bug fixes.
# Added Resume Shortcut key
# Added full "starting in less than 5" etc when resuming a race that ended over 5 seconds ago. Handy for endurance events.

Version 2.0.37

Mac - Installer
Windows - Installer
# Many bug fixes. Crashes etc.
# Removed the Live Chat feature. The old IE browser used internally to render the webpage has been blocked by youtube. On the plus side it cleaned up a lot of messy code.
# Made a Mac executable version for the Open Source Core.

Version 2.0.36

Windows - Installer, Installer
Mac - Installer
# Bug fixes
# Separated the project into an open source "core" and closed source remainder. Hopefully many of you can now help with the project :)
# See the GitHub link above!

Version 2.0.35

Mac - Installer, Installer, Installer
Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
# Mac Version! Download the .dmg installer and please give feedback in our Discord.

# Reminder, if you're on .33 or earlier you will have to manully uninstall through windows add/remove programs.

# There is now a resume race feature. Which means races can be stopped and restarted later. Other than helping when things go wrong this could be very usefull for endurance style events. Feedback on this too please!
# I've bundled into the .exe most of the required libaries that used to be .dlls or were included in .net6. So the .net 6 pre-requisite has been removed. But the installer is larger..

Version 2.0.34

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer

Two things you must do before installing this release
1) Download Desktop Runtime of .NET 6.0 (listed above)
2) Manually uninstall any previous versions of FPVTrackside using Add/Remove programs in windows.

# This release is a major update to the libaries that FPVTrackside runs on. A massive amount of invisible progress.
# These updates were primarily required for the soon incoming Mac version. But it could squash a few bugs too.
# Many bugs fixes that the Mac development have made more apparent. Plus an enourmous amount of making code cross-platform.
# Directshows GMFBridge is no longer installed by default. Since most of you use the much more efficient MediaFoundation..
# A new separated GMFBridge installer now lives in the FPVTrackside directory. If you need it the software will tell you and open an explorer window with it selected, ready to install.
# Because GMFBridge is gone, the FPVTrackside installer no longer requires admin rights. Removing that "unknown publisher" UAC popup. But requires this one time manual uninstall.

Version 2.0.33

Windows - Installer
# Last net48 release. Small bug fixes.

Version 2.0.32

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
# Multiple Primary timing systems are now supported. You can put several timing systems on the same gate and each will get a subset of the channels allocated to it. This is super helpful for Delta 5s and Rotor Hazards as they have hard limits on how many pilots you can have per device. Now you can combine several together.
# Timing systems have a 'sector distance' for some basic average speed calculations. If you have multiple systems you can measure the distance between them then FPVTrackside can calculate the speed from the sector time.
# Speed shows up as a "PB" that alternates with the PB time.
# Format Sheets now have a "Channel lock and Unlock" feature. This lets you control if a pilot being on a specific channel is important or just that they need to be in that race. This can massively reduce channel changes your pilots have to do.
# Sound system was re-written for a future feature. Let me know if you get sound bugs.

Version 2.0.31

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer
# Lots of bug fixes. Especially with sheets.
# Sheets can now be Exported by using the hamburger menu on the Round. It exports the current sheet so you can see exactly whats happening and debug any sheet formula issues easily.
# Sheet viewer now shows translated(real) pilot names.
# Results can now be set / overriden by right clicking on the pilots in the Race on the Rounds screen.
# This needed a database change so on first run of this new version a database upgrade will occur. Depending on how much data you have this may take a minute or so. Everything is backed up, but if you have issues please report it in discord.

Version 2.0.30

Windows - Installer
# RotorHazard support. Please provide as much feedback to our discord as you can. Especially for default settings values etc.
# There is now a warning if your race has more pilots than your timing system supports.
# RSSI screen works with RotorHazard. It also now includes a max-line and it highlights when RH detects a crossing.
# Various other bug fixes.

Version 2.0.29

Windows - Installer
# Bug fixes!
# Sharkbyte has been renamed HDZero. And the short channel names have gone from S to Z. For example SR3 to ZR3.
# Reworked the video config screen. It now allows you to duplicate a stream and use it for 2 separate channels. This is very handy if 2 channels share the same input via an input switcher. It also should work better for the HDZero Event RX.
# If a point summary is doing Round Roll over or Dropping a round it now says that as part of the title. Also fixed some errors on Round Roll Over logic.

Version 2.0.28

Windows - Installer
# Bug fixes!
# Added alpha support for the Chorus timing system. Please send all the feedback you can on discord.
# Added file support and removed some restrictions to the built in web server.

Version 2.0.27

Windows - Installer
# Bug fixes!
# Added more spreadsheets and renamed the existing ones. You may end up with double-spreadsheets so you'll have to manually delete any you don't want from the 'formats' directory.
# Added a pilot count above the pilot list.

Version 2.0.26

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
# Spreadsheet formatting! Events can now be pre-planned by making up an excel spreadsheet that defines the logic of the various rounds and races.
# Created a MultiGP Double Elimination format. Can be used as an example.
# Reorganised some of the menus for rounds.
# Bug fixes in ZippyQ

Version 2.0.25

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
# Bug fix for events that are not using DNF rules not accurately reporting results.
# MultiGP Sync updates and fixes. Including..
# ZippyQ support.
# The new Chapter API Key instead of username/password.
# Please provide lots of feedback if you come across any issues with MultiGP support or have ideas on how to improve integration. Best place to do that is our Discord server.

Version 2.0.24

Windows - Installer
# Bug fixes.
# Added a scene for full screen commentator cameras and 'event status'. Scenes are accessible from by right clicking the Live Tab.
# Added transparency to most of the Tab pages.
# Made Patreons the first page that opens. Thank you patreons! People are now forced to appreciate you :)
# Double Eliminations are now autofilling. If you create them they'll be empty rounds until they'll fill in overtime as more results come in. Should help with event planning.
# Rounds points summary and Lap Records now have editible settings for turning on / off Round Roll over, Dropping worst round, etc.

Version 2.0.23

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer
# Bug fixes in text rendering and text editing.
# Event Status is a new window you can open from the menu. It's designed as general status screen to be shown in the pits so Pilots can see key event information. So it shows current race, next race and prev results. Then Lap Records and depending on the race format either Points or Lap Count.
# Event Selector now sorts and groups events by date/month. This puts the more recent events front and center and the older events a scroll away.

Version 2.0.22

Windows - Installer
# Added average RSSI to the end of race screen for LapRF users. Will hopefully help with diagnosing pilots on the wrong output settings.
# Rewrote the Text rendering system. It now supports cross-platform bitmap fonts. One of the vital steps in the slow process to a Mac or Linux port.
# Fixed random text to image conversion race condition bug that would cause the occasional crash in past versions.
# Fixed practice pilots on the Channel List screen.
# Fixed the STA and MTA clipboard crashing issue.
# Fixed a lot of random performance issues and stutters.

Version 2.0.21

Windows - Installer
# Added a Lap Count summary to both the Rounds system and the tabs. Handy for the aggregate laps / endurance events.
# Added Keyboard shortcuts for adding and removing laps mid-race. Works on the same order as the Channels in Channel Settings.
# Added a Keyboard shortcut editor.
# More fixes to Pilot Profiles
# Fixed up the RSSI analyser and re-added its tab.

Version 2.0.20

Windows - Installer
# Added Per-Pilot sensitivity adjustments on Timing. So if a pilot has a weaker/stronger signal it can be accounted for. I'm interested in feedback in this feature so let me know how you go with it.
# Some new nice UI editor elements that make editing various propeties easier.
# Finally fixed the Pilot Profile images.
# Worked on improving the reliablity of the video system when using some devices.
# Fixed a few threading issues that could cause random crashes or more commonly the software to lockup when loading events.
# Fixed the patreon web service causing patreons to be out of date.

Version 2.0.19

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer
# Added a Lap Count screen to the Round system. Handy for those who do Endurance style events and just want to see the per-round count of laps per pilot.
# Added Mute Text To Speech and Mute Wav buttons. This is handy for commentators who don't want to talk over the system.
# Lots of bug fixes, especially to do with the grouping of channels below.
# Lots of HiDPI fixes too.

Version 2.0.18

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
# Channels that share frequencies, for example Raceband 1, Sharkbyte 1 and DJI FPV 1 will now be grouped together on the Rounds screen.
# Pilots dropped onto these new shared channels will be assigned to one of them based on their current system. Eg digital pilots only onto their compatible digital channels.
# Pilots can be changed channels by right clicking on them in Rounds.
# The channel editor screen now shows these channels grouped together.
# A new create custom round window is available when adding rounds. This allows more fine-tuning of the round creation system.
# More info is availalble in Discord! Come join us!

Version 2.0.17

Windows - Installer
# Bug fixes.
# Patreon supporters tab! Other benefits for our supporters will come over time, but for now the main one is your support being recognised within the software itself. So if you haven't joined, please support the development of FPVTrackside by joining our Patreon.

Version 2.0.16

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
# Lots of bug fixes. Performance fixes.
# Added support for multiple windows.
# Rounds, Points, PBs, etc can be popped out into a window. This can be super handy for advanced OBS scenes and doing admin work off-stream. It's a fairly early feature, expect the odd bug. To pop out, either middle click the tab or use the hamburger menu.
# Massive amount of work in the backend to modernise some of the projects and build tools. This was required for some of the machine learning stuff I've been playing with that'll hopefully make it into the software soon!

Version 2.0.15

Windows - Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer, Installer
# Lots of bug fixes. Especially in right click menus, syncing and the new video system.
# Timing and Video status icons are now per-device with timing system voltage and video resolution shown.
# Text input finally repeats characters on hold down.
# Early days of a pilot "profile" system. Which you can play with in the pilot editor.

Version 2.0.14

Windows - Installer
This is a huge release with a large amount of work supporting the MediaFoundation framework in addition to the old DirectShow systems used in prior versions. Media Foundation will be selectable via the "Video Mode" selector in Video Input Settings.
# Potentially massive performance improvements. Much of the new MF systems are now GPU accelerated and some systems see 75% drop in CPU usage when recording.
# Improved compatibility with video devices and video formats. Modern devices often don't come with DirectShow support anymore. These now work via Media Foundation.
# More video device framerate and format options. MF just seems to have more available. Hold Ctrl while clicking the modes button to see a complete list.
# H264 encoding for race recording in MediaFoundation.
# New Replay video player. Supports stepping frame by frame with the , and . keys.
# 4k video support. Can also record in 4k.
# Improved capture buffering before displaying on the screen. FPV feeds should seem smoother now.
# Launch / Commentator cameras are now assigned the same way as Channels on the video settings screen. This lets you use analogue cameras plugged directly into the FPV feed DVR / multiplexor as launch/comm cams.
# Overlays Text for launch / commentator cams are controlled directly from the live feed by right clicking them. Rather than in Settings.
# Recording settings are now per device and configurable in Video settings.
# You can now split the video feed Multiple times. So you can have a 3x3 split inside a 2x2 split. This may be helpful to supporting simultaneous Digital and Analogue systems via an HDMI multiplexor.
# Split bounds are now saved in the videosettings.xml file. So if you have an extremely unusual video requirement you may be able to get what you want by editing it manually.
# Old video settings will be lost in this update. As will the ability to replay older race videos in software.
This is the single biggest release I've done for FPVTrackside so far. Core parts of the software have been re-written and while I've done a lot of testing expect a few more bugs than usual.

Version 2.0.12

Windows - Installer
This release is concentrated on bugfixes and fixing stutters / frame drops.
# Text rendering has been optimised and is more multi-threaded.
# V-Sync is now a selectable Settings option rather than being always on. Press F11 to see the current frame rate in the top right.
# Max frame rate default is now set to 30 FPS. This aligns better with NTSC video frame rate and generally reduces stutters by freeing up more CPU time for all the other tasks.
# Sound file wav playback has been re-written to use native and faster XNA systems rather than windows sound playback.
# Bug fixes in Export, mostly around missing pilot names.
# Auto-Sync option in General Settings. This will fire a sync at the end of every race.
# By default all video devices turn off when not in use.
# LapRF connection management has been improved. It should handle unreliable network connections much better.
# Rounds can be dragged and dropped by their title to re-order them.

Version 2.0.11

Windows - Installer, Installer
# Big changes to the way video is configured. The video input setup and channel mapper are now combined into a single screen.
# Video input setup has a preview of the video feed. The new preview updates dynamically when "splits", "mode", "coverage percent" fields are changed.
# Channels numbers are shown on this preview. They can be changed from here too.
# Added the option to stop video feeds that aren't currently on screen. Helps conserve CPU and USB bandwidth at the cost of a few dropped frames once that video source re-enters the scene.
# Added the ability to have "Sponsor" graphics that scroll over the screen on race change. This will be documented in the future.

Version 2.0.10

Windows - Installer
# Primarily a bug fixing release.
# Many fixes with synchronisation to the FPVTrackside website.
# Points screen Round roll over issues were also fixed.
# Added a new Tone that's played on each lap detection. Can be disabled in Sound Editor.
# Sound system was changed so that 1 wav and 1 Text To Speech can play simultaneously. This was required for the above tone, but also improves the times up horn which used to interupt lap time announcements.

Version 2.0.9

# Bug fixes
# Renamed Practise to Practice. But you may have to edit your getting settings event type names to update it.
# Added a "Points" screen similar to the "Lap Records" screen.
# Improvements to the Tab system. The tab you click is now always the "next" tab.

Version 2.0.8

# Bug fixes
# Added staggered start support.
# Added "Casual Practise" race mode which just records laps on all frequencies with no end timer. Great for casual days where people come and go and you just want lap times.
# Top bar FPVTrackside logo is now replaceable as part of themes. But if you do replace it, make sure you advertise how great FPVTrackside is in other ways.
# Cancellation of race start is now sent to LED notification. Also LED notification system is now documented in the manual!

Version 2.0.7

# Bug fixes. Especially with digital compatibility and round generation.
# Cleaned up some of the UI in settings windows.
# By default "Any USB Port" is disabled with multiple video devices of the same type.
# Multiple video inputs of the same type now get an "id" which can help you track which one is which.
# Period and Comma keys on the keyboard now function as previous / next race shortcut keys.

Version 2.0.6

# Changed how the Live Chat feature works to fix some rather large memory leaks.
# Made the top info bar shink as much as possible to maximise the FPV streams size.
# Many other bug fixes.

Version 2.0.5

# Big bug fixing release with lots of changes to the user interface.
# Various pages of the UI are now represented as tabs along the top as opposed to the buttons on the side. This is more inline with other software and should make it easier to learn.
# Tabs can be hidden during races by a new option in General Settings.
# Added next/prev buttons at the bottom of rounds for easier scrolling left/right. Especially helpful on a laptop using a trackpad.
# 'Checking for releases' now happens mostly in the background while you choose your event.
# Race types can now be renamed in general settings. So if your club calls TimeTrial/Race/Endurance by a different name you can fix that. Especially handy for MultiGP format races.
# Bug fixes in text editing and in the Laps editor. It should work much better now.
# Laps added manually by the race director after the end of the race will be 'average' length for the pilot this race. This will stop PBs being created as much when manually fixing results.
# Lap counts changes should no longer change the results of races that have finished. So if you do a 3 lap race then change the laps to 4 it will no longer show all DNFs in that race.

Version 2.0.4

# Added the settings option to "Always show position"
# Added positional information to the Web interface for Race Manager.
# Enabled the Beta of MultiGP synchronisation. Feedback would be fantastic!

Version 2.0.3

# Bug fixes. Mostly in round generation, drag and drop and remote LED notification.
# Can choose from multiple "top X" pilot formats.
# Round generation refactor and improvements
# Top info bar moved the time to the top line.

Version 2.0.2

# Lots of bug fixes
# Channels with shared frequencies are handled better in Round Generation. So that two different channels can share a frequency, but never be assigned 2 pilots at the same time. This is super handy with races that combine digital and analogue systems. Channels frequencies are 'shared' when they are within a 15mhz window.

Version 2.0.1

# Visuals and style improvements. Made the doubled the height of the top info bar and added the logo.
# Added coloured title bars to rounds and various other UI elements.
# Can now drag and drop races in Rounds. Lets you easily move races around.
# Bug fixes

Version 2.0.0

# Phew! This is a big one and I've decided to bump the major version number to version 2!
# The big change is synchronisation to this website. You'll be able sync up and down races and results to this site so your pilots can see how they've done. This is in beta and very early days so make sure you test it before a race day. But I really want feedback too, so let me know how it all goes! You login via the button on the event selection screen. It will automatically sync up and down any events in your database. To sync results, use the right hand side sync button once you're inside an event.
# Synchronisation is optional, if you don't want it, don't create an account or login and FPVTrackside will function as normal.
# Channel mapping! It's now easier and clearer how channel to video feed making works. The new Channel to Video mapper screen in settings lets you manually assign each channel to each video feed. This makes many things easier now, but will be vital during the transition to digital video (which fpvtrackside supports already).
# USB video inputs (like an elgato) now get discovered by their name rather than their internal id. This means you can plug them into any usb port and they'll be detected. If you have multiple devices with the same name, you can disable this feature and rely on the specific usb port to define each input.
# Lots of bug fixes in round generation.
# A million other little things.
# New release notifications for when you're out of date.

Version 1.0.61

# Lots of bug fixes. Some of these were architectural and led to most of the changes.
# Changed the way ad-hoc races (not made through rounds) are handled. These weren't saved into the DB until the race was started. Now they're saved straight away but later removed if you remove all the pilots.
# Races are now numbered per-round. So the first race in round 3 will be race 1. The top bar has been updated to show both round and race number.
# Cleaned up some right click menus so that they're easier to read.
# Added pasting in pilots per-race in the rounds system. Makes it easier to pre-build the rounds from a spreadsheet.
# Live Chat is now controlled through 3 checkboxes in General Settings. One for pre, mid and post race. The URL is now set by right clicking the chat window only. Added instructional text.
# Increased the video recoding bitrate to better handle how fast some pilots are :D
# Added support for 10, 12 and 16 pilot races

Version 1.0.60

# LiteDB database backend has moved from v4 to v5. It should upgrade your data OK but maybe backup your event.db file first if you care about the results in it. The changes needed a lot of backend work on my side too. :(
# Lots of other database optimisations that may help performance.
# Tickboxes now replace dropdowns for booleans. They're also slowly spreading through the UI replacing less elegant elements.
# A website UI element was written to enable youtube/streaming chat support. If a URL is specified it is visible on the Pre Race scene and can be turned on mid-race too.
# Website element has custom CSS support. URL can be quickly changed with a right click and paste.
# Rounds Points has been fixed up and should handle more rounds better.
# Rounds PBs is now an option. Can add a PB's list to the rounds screen after a round.
# With both of those round elements above you can now add a new round of "Top X" afterwards. For example after a round of qualifiers timetrials you may have a double elimination with the Top 32. This makes that easy.
# Channels are now per Event. So if you want to run a certain event with unusual channels you can change it just for that one. You can also save the channels back to "default" which is what is used when a new event is created.
# Animation system now animates UI elements on a local scale rather than screenspace scale. This should fix a bunch of times when multiple layers animations would fight to the death.
# Renamed Enduro to 'Aggregate Laps' for future MultiGP compatibility.
# Early version of a LED Notification system. In general settings you can specify a URL for LED notifcations. On Race Arm/Start/End and every detection a JSON object with information about the event will be POSTed to that URL. Could be used for more than just LED's but that's the current use-case.

Version 1.0.59

# Bug fixes with file versioning and restarting events.
# General optimisations and performance improvements.
# Video recordings now have resolution and framerate options in general settings. Native resolution/frame rate was too much for most laptops
# Recording format is now VC1.
# Yes it's a small one!

Version 1.0.58

# Recording the raw FPV race video is now an option in General Settings. Feeds are matched to source dimensions and are stored in the new video folder where fpvtrackside installs.
# These videos can be played after a race has ended by going to the new replay screen by the new replay button on the right. Videos can be seeked, stepped frame by frame and irrelevant pilots can be removed.
# Video player has markers for each pilot / lap and the start / end of the race.
# The video encoding may be too heavy for some of the less powerful laptops. It basically needs a core to itself. So it is off by default.
# Themes now have a dedicated settings screen. On the screen there is a small very simple demo showing the basics of how the theme looks.
# Restart in the menus now works differently, it is more of a "soft" restart that just clears and re-loads things much faster. Handy for changing themes / general settings
# Settings now only prompts for restart when a setting has changed that actually requires it.
# Welcome screen has been reworked.
# The video work made some small bugs in garbage collection more apparent and so have been fixed. If fpvtrackside got slower for you over time it should be improved.
# Installer now needs admin privileges to register GMFBridge, a common a directshow dll. At some point I'll get a certificate so it has less warnings.
# Channel re-ordering has been simplified and settings clairified. You'll have to configure your settings in here again.

Version 1.0.57

# Backend work on synchronisation to the cloud. Not active yet, but coming!
# A lot of small quality of life improvements in UI. Scroll bars work better, menus work better, etc.
# Loading now happens with a progress bar and in a background thread.
# Single instance check is improved and is now independant of process name.
# Bug fixes with how channels were handled with one pilot across multiple events.
# There is now a pilot list button on the right to hide and show the pilot list.
# Cameras (Commentator, Launch, Pit etc) now have a configurable Overlay text label.
# Cameras can be added into the main grid of FPV pilots. Allowing a commentator / pits / whatever to be visible all the time.
# Video Debug scene that just enables all video sources and displays them. This is now the default screen after video settings have changed.
# Live scene are now selectable from the top right menu. Although keys 1,2,3,4 also change the scene.
# Live and Clear buttons work more intuitively. Live will always show the FPV feed. Clear will clear the screen as well as clear the race. Basically, if you want to show the live feed press live. If you want to show an empty screen press clear.

Version 1.0.56

# Fixed those issues with race start and race start callouts.
# Video inputs will now attempt to auto-reconnect if they get unplugged. This can be used for to work out why a source isn't working as often an unplug/replug is required for the capture hardware to reset.
# Video status button can now be clicked on and inputs given a 'soft' reset. This will occasionally fix them if they're playing up.
# Events now have a 'min lap time'. It works slightly differently normal implementations of this as it'll take an extra lap before deciding the previous lap was invalid. Primarily it's there so that in-experienced race directors don't just disqualify the "shortest" lap when solving a false read as that's not always the right choice. The system chooses the lap that creates the most consistent lap times.
# Rendering of a bunch more UI elements are now drawn once and cached in texture and only re-drawed when required. This will help performance.

Version 1.0.55

# Bug fixes.
# Performance optimisations
# Web interface can now start races, disqualify laps and a few other basic commands. Handy when you have 2 people doing race direction / commentary.
# Stopping a Race start now stops instantly rather than at the end of TTS.
# Improvements to race generation. Hopefully fairer.
# Brackets / Divisions! Races can have a bracket. During round generation pilots will only fly against other pilots in that bracket. Right click on a race in Rounds to set it.
# More things are customisable in themes. Also changed how they install.
# A next race timer to call out how long until the next race starts. Turn it on in General Settings.
# Race pilot announcement now occurs everytime a non-finished race is selected automatically. Can be turned off by disabling that sound in Sound Settings.

Version 1.0.54

# Bug fixes
# Point System has been re-done and now supports editing from the Round screen
# Round Roll Over support. The result of the rounds counts as a virtual Final race. So people who do well in the rounds benefit in the Finals.
# More Themes are included! Email me if you want me to include your own.
# More UI elements are editable in themes.
# Pilots on the same Points are now ordered by PB.
# Animation improvements. Less text pop.

Version 1.0.53

# Bug fixes
# Auto race generation now keeps the previous rounds number of races. (for timmy)
# This includes Finals, so now you can run finals for the lower ranked pilots. Or you can just delete them and run a single Top X final.
# Text rendering has been updated again to reduce the low framerate stutter that could occur during animations. Text 'pops' in a bit now though.
# Side button for the Live racing screen. Rather than pressing the same button to close, you press Live to go back to the Live racing feed.
# Race side button controls are now only visible on the Live feed screen.
# The management of the various screens (live feed, Rounds, PBs) of the software has been refactored into a stack with animations.
# Various rounds / format optimisations and improvements.

Version 1.0.52

# Bug fixes
# Visual Themes!
# Significantly improved text field editor.
# Double Elimination rounds
# Text To Speech voice is selectable
# Race control buttons now also have text.
# FPVTrackside can now close and relaunch itself to apply settings

Version 1.0.51

# Bug fixes.
# Delta 5 timing system support.
# Split lap now lets you choose how many laps you want to split the original lap into.
# Channel information now changes size based on scene.
# Now on dot net v4.72, which was needed for socket io libraries for delta 5.
# Sound play button in audio settings.

Version 1.0.50

# Bug fixes.
# Lots of optimisations to improve the framerate.
# Configurable blank area in top bar for obs overlays
# Holeshots now have PBs
# LapRF now delays reporting laps for 0.3 seconds to account for out-of-order detections. This is done after timing and so will not affect lap times but should make UI / TTS more accurate. Can be configured in LapRF timing system settings.
# Welcome message on new install
# Main program "panel" textures can be replaced in the /img/ directory.

Version 1.0.49

# Many little bug fixes and optimisations after an Eastside Race day.
# Entire pilot feed is right clickable for the menu that used to only be on the name. Also added removing/crashing out pilot to that menu so you don't have to find the X.
# TTS can call out pilots and channels. Either one at a time by right clicking on their feed or all by right clicking the entire race in Rounds.
# PB Exporting now gives the individual lap times as well.
# Round Points is now a table showing all results adding up to the total.
# Round numbers are different per race type. So Practise round 2 can be followed by Race Round 1.
# Rounds can be empty! Then filled entirely by dragging and dropping, pasting, or using auto generator.

Version 1.0.48

# Major performance improvements and many bug fixes.
# Launch, Pit and Commentator camera support.
# 3 difference scenes that automatically change based on Race state.
* Pre Race - Launch cam, commentator cam, pit cams
* Race - The normal FPV feeds that have been the default until now
* Post Race - Results, commentator cam, next race
# Enduro mode. Time limit racing with most laps wins.
# Now calls out time remaining, will call out 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds.

Version 1.0.46

# Bug fixes.
# New sound editor for changing TTS stuff. Plus a few new options.
# New export system and editor for configuring it.
# Both the above will require re-setting up your settings.

Version 1.0.45

# Another png rendering fix so some buttons look better.
# Fixed a bug in aspect ratio calcuation which caused the cropped window to not quite be 16:9
# Clock! Also the top bar items are enable/disablable via general settings.
# Status of video sources and timing systems now have little icons where the old timing activity lights were. Flashes on activity + a counter of connected devices.
# Standard property editor now supports dragging and dropping to re-order items. Plus properties are more human readable.
# Lots of work on the heat generation system. Can now clone heats etc. DNF scores are added properly. Can run a standard race day.
# Scroll bars on all the scrolly things!
# Channel editor improvements. More channels available to choose from with drop menus including theoretical DJI FPV support.
# Easier setup of LAPRF Puck USB with a drop menu for COM port.
# Renamed first lap detection for mooney.
# Only required video frame data is now processed. Inactive channels will not have their pixels converted from directshow to XNA (RGB sources only for now, older YUV devices will come later). This should help performance significantly.
# Updated to the latest version of XNA (the underlying graphics system)

Version 1.0.44

# Fixed a bug with the puck with how long it took to process lap times.
# Fixed a major bug with multiple timing systems. Do not use multiple timing systems before this version. The issue caused pilots final race position to be incorrect.
# Changed the UI for Video Settings. It now behaves much more like timing system settings and is a lot more user friendly. Main change is you don't enable/disable anymore. Now you add/remove.
# Dragging and dropping system. This is super handy for moving pilots around between various things. You can now...
- Drag from the left pilot list into the main race window. If dragged onto an existing pilot it'll replace that pilot.
- Drag between active pilots on the main race window. This is an easy way to swap 2 pilots channels
- Drag pilots around in the round generation. You can change their channels or move them do a different race.
- Drag pilots from the left pilot list onto the a race in round generation. Easy way to add pilots to a generated race.
# Refactor of the Round generation UI. Other than the above dragging. You now have more control of channel changes, finals and scores.
# Menus now animate! Buttons that create menus do so more elegantly.
I'll update the Manual over the coming days and remove this message once its done.

Version 1.0.43

# Bug fixes for the old Elgato HD.
# Tarn mode. More laps are shown on screen when there is no video system enabled.
# LapRF Personal puck USB support. See the manual for more details.
# Experimental Video timing system has had some work.

Version 1.0.42

# Very early version of a video feed based timing system. Can currently detect coloured LED gates for whoop races.
# Text To Speech now has a history in the web generator. You can use it as a commentator for hints as to what to say.
# Race Worm! A little new UI element you can toggle in races by pressing the W key.
# Improved the LapRF Settings editor.
# Added right click functions to names of pilots in the race.
# Added a Slide Show that fills up any space grid positions. By default reads slides from a directory in img + an addition Lap Times node.
# Fixed bugs in Time Trial DNF handling.

Version 1.0.41

# Added older Elgato support. These guys output in YUV422 rather than RGB so that was a whole thing. Highly recommend spending the extra money and getting an HD60S.
# Fixed up the aliasing on the icons
# Remove a lot of older Windows Form Property Editor style UI. Fix a lot of bugs in my own property editor. Including time + float editing.
# Can 'Clone' an event. Copys all the settings and pilots to a new event object. Races/records are not copied.
# Added ability to change Lap count + Race Type from the top menu. Just click on the respective text and a drop list appears.
# Bug fixes in lap splitting.
# Autoformat race generation fixes.
# Can edit a race by right clicking it on rnd screen.

Version 1.0.40

# Logging! The log directory is now full of logs with all sorts of information helpful to me diagnosing issues in the run up to the nationals. They can be turned off in General Settings. But don't!
# More improvements to LapRF communications and reliability. Hopefully solved that first detection gibberish.
# Last opened event is now pre-selected at launch.
# Deleting races/pilots now only deletes the *currents events* races and removes pilots. Previously it wiped everything.
# Pilots are now shared across events. So if you fix the phonetic name for a pilot you should only have to do it once. Also one day...stats!!
# More channel re-ordering fixes and optimisations.

Version 1.0.39

# Improved thread safety of the LapRF communications library. Hopefully this reduces laprf lockups.
# If the LapRF is re-connected mid-race the software will restart the lapRF listening for detections so the race can continue.
# If FPVTrackside crashes mid-race, on relaunch that race will be loaded and the lapRF will be set up to resume listening.
# In both the above cases it takes a few seconds to recover, so you'll probably miss a detection and have to add it in manually. But way better than nothing!

Version 1.0.38

# Bug fixes. Crash fixes.
# Race ordering fixes for when races weren't updating positions after the end of the race.
# 'Pilot Crashed' state for video feeds. When you press X or the static detector detects static the "crashed.png" image will be displayed.
# Pilot feeds in "crashed" state will be removed during next animation update when using mid-race ordering. Otherwise removed straight away.
# Fixes for animation smoothness when sorting. Animations are now slower.
# Input capture video device now sorts modes with the closest to 1080p30 being chosen.
# Input video now has a per-channel coverage percentage thing. It defaults to 99% of the channels feed but can be set smaller to reduce analogue noise causing images to cross between channels.
# Can disable laprf slots

Version 1.0.37

# Memory leak fixes. Crash fixes.
# Renamed everything to FPVTrackside. This will also change the install directory so make sure you copy out the styles/settings/data you want from the old directory.
# Added version number to title.
# Can paste in a round into round editor. Plus separated functions into their own buttons.
# Auto static detector. Closes a pilot view when static is detected on that channel over 100 frames. Disabled by default. Press up key to increase visiblity if static detection is wrong. Down to return to enabling static detection.

Version 1.0.36

# Bug fixing. A lot of it. Mostly in support for multiple timing systems but also in general memory leaking etc.
# Unit testing for basic functions in the backend. Not perfect, but getting there.
# Split times bar will show above Laps when you have multiple timing systems. They fade away at the end of each lap.
# Reworked Timetrial mode. See the manual for a description of how all the modes work. Will be much more suitable to AU Nats qualifiers.
# Changed the Timing system UI when multiple timing systems are present. It now clearly shows which system provides which information.
# Static video is gone. Replaced by a system that just displays a static image when it can't use the video system for whatever reason.
# Added more TTS for new Timetrial functions.
# PB list can sort by column.