FPVTrackSide is drone racing timing and video software designed by a drone racer for the drone racing community. It's goal is to simplify the job of running and streaming a drone racing event.

Streams featuring FPVTrackSide


FPVTrackSide combines both the timing and video information in a single piece of software. Video feeds come in from one or more sources and can then be split into unique pilot views that are arranged, displayed and hidden automatically as pilots are added and removed from a race. Timing and race information is also displayed per pilot on each of their feeds. No screen (or stream!) real estate needs to be wasted showing video static for pilots that were never in the race in the first place.

But it's not only for presenting the video. FPVTrackside has heat generation, Text-To-Speech race and lap annoucements, timers, race mode, practise mode, time-trial mode and even a freestyle mode where timing is disabled and its all about a full-screen single video feed. Race directors can run heats generated in the software or a custom spreadsheet and just copy and paste heats directly into FPVTrackside. After a race you can even copy the results back and paste it straight into your spreadsheet. Pilot orderings and channels will be kept so everything will line up.

It's also highly customisable. Just about everything can be disabled/enabled. The colours and look can be adjusted through the style.xml file. Video feeds can be dynamically re-ordered based on race position or kept static. Text to speech prompts can be re-worded or replaced with audio clips. Windows can be optimised for OBS streaming so things like buttons are less visible. It even has a customisable website that can be enabled to run in the background to provide statistics or vital data to OBS.

FPVTrackside has been developed with vast amount of feedback from the largest clubs in the Australian FPV community. Especially the members of AUFPV and my home club of Eastside FPV from which the software gets half its name.

Facebook & Discord

Join our online community for bug reporting, questions and feature requests. Other than myself we have a strong community of people that can answer your queries. Facebook, Discord.


Multiple FPV feeds can be split from one stream or used uniquely. Multiple cameras for commentators or track elements and web chat support.
Pilots feeds can be reordered by race-position
And individual pilot feeds can be hidden entirely. Handy for head to head races.
Various scenes and layouts - Like this end race scene.
Generate rounds and races within the software.
Add up points, generate finals. See pilots best times.
Create your own custom format using simple drag and drop. Create divisions / brackets to group pilots together.
Or use our built in formats like Double Elimination
Use one of our visual themes or make your own by creating your own xml file.
Replay the race by using the built in video recorder.
Already have your own format? Copy and paste pilots, races and results directly to and from your spreadsheet